środa, 15 czerwca 2016

Fountain in Mława.

In the central part there is the character Muławy - the legendary founder of the castle , around the four stove fitters . It was designed by Andrzej Wyborcza . Initially, the fountain was surrounded by metal railings around meter , but soon disappeared . Today, you can safely soak your feet in hot days. I really like it. -Sandra

Open Day

29th April 2016. That was a very special day for our school. Kids from all the primary schools in our town came to us to see how amazing our school is. Of course, we had to be prepared for it. A lot of students made very delicious food - some cookies, cakes and other sweets. There was a lot of great performances with dancers, basketball players and singers. That was a really great show! I think our school is really good at some events like that. I hope that a lot of kids from the primary schools will choose our school. Why? Because it is THE BEST! - Sandra

poniedziałek, 13 czerwca 2016

Open Day

On 29th April 2016 there was a special open day in my junior high school. I was there. There were a lot of atractions. I tried English and German food. It was very delicious. I also watched our schoolmates’ shows especially the dance show. They were showing diffrent sports. I enjoyed it very much. I hope that a lot of younger students enjoyed them too and will choose our school soon. - Natalia O.

niedziela, 12 czerwca 2016

Open Day

We had a "Open Day" in Gimnazjum number 2 on 29th April. It was a great time for everyone. Children from the 6th year of all the primary schools came to us to choose the next school. There was a lot of awesome performances on the gym. Our younger friends could taste some food from various countries. Everything was awesome and we liked it.
~Sebastian and Maciek

Open Day

On 29th April in our school took place the "Open Day" for children from 6th year of primary schools. This is a day when students can visit junior high schools and they will have to choose one of them soon. Of course, I think our is the best. There was a lot of food from different countries, a lot of performances and competitions. Together with a friend we tried a lot to make this day a great one. We took part in one show, in which we danced and our older buddies were playing basketball. We have prepared even a few British snacks. I'm sure all of them were very tasty. We did a lot of great pictures too. I consider this day as a successful one and everyone should choose our school. Kisses. - Natalie Sz. ♥

Open day.

Hello, 29th April in our school take place an open day. It was wonderful mostly becouse, we didnt had lessons and we got some freetime. But going back to the topic. This is day when some younger children can come to our school and see how it looks like, so they can chose to what school they want to go for the next year. See you later ~Jakub

Open Day

Recently, April 29, at our high school was organized "open day". Visitors to this day, are children from classes 6 elementary school, we help them in choosing the next school. The task of our students was to present the school as the best, to show how it is. I think I succeeded. Prepared was: presentation of dance, basketball, soccer, and gymnastics. Guests can try traditional dishes from different parts of the world-from the countries, whose languages we learn in school. Our guests certainly enjoyed it!
Kisses, OSTRA